The inventory (PPPI) is divided in two parts:

  • Sociodemographic profile of the company.
  • Inventory with physical evidences of Politics, Practices, and Programs

If the company aims for the Ranking, the PPPI equals 20% of the total score. 

Formation / Role Model

Organizational Culture: the spine of the organization, formed by the set of shared beliefs and values inside the company, translated into behaviors and the emotional flow of the people in it..

Organizational Climate: the atmosphere breathed inside the organization, formed by the set of feelings and emotions perceived by the collaborators within their workplace.

Positive Psychology

​Scientific-social with four options for intervalar dicotomic answers.

  • Totally disagree
  • Disagree
  • Agree
  • Totally agree

If the company aims for the Ranking, the questionnaire equals 80% of the total score.

Identification with the Company

Social Responsibility

​Organizational Dynamics

Work Stress


​How do we measure it?


 Culture ​Factors

Work attitude

Organizational Motivation

TOP Companies methodology is a unique measuring tool of its kind, standardized for any culture and with a high degree of reliability.

Organizational culture and climate assessment allows us to determine the required characteristics, behaviors, and skills to become a Culturally Powerful Company. The theoretical framework explains and translates the obtained results in the studies through the variables that make up the organizational culture and climate, by means of the analysis of the human profile of the company. 


​TOP Companies Methodology

PPPI (Politics, Practices, and Programs Inventory)



Politics of the Company

Job Growth

Work Security

Diversity / Inclusion

Questionnaire for collaborators


What do we measure?