• Certification and use of the logo for one year. 
  • Appearance in the special edition of the magazine.
  • Advertising in mass media, like CNN en español

​Ranking 2015

Derived from our star product, measuring of organizational culture and climate, TOP Companies and Expansión, the most acknowledged business magazine in Mexico, performs the Súper Empresas Ranking, the Places Where Everybody Wants to Work, with unique information of its kind and with a high degree of reliability.
To guarantee a total and absolute transparency, the whole process is audited by PwC. .

  • ​List of all the collaborators
  • Sociodemographic changes (optional)
  • Election of application (online, paper, or mixed )
  • Application and end of assessment dates.
  • Delivery of the PPPI (Politics, Practices, and Programs Inventory)

Basis for Mexico 

  • More than 101 collaborators; manufacturing companies must have more than 251 collaborators.
  • Invoicing more than 200 million Mexican pesos per year.
  • Belonging to the private sector.
  • Free registration in the phone number (52-55) 9180 41 42 or by e-mail: contacto@thetopcompanies.com.

Organizations selected for the Súper Empresas Ranking, the Places Where Everybody Wants to Work, will get relevant benefits, such as:

Diffusion of Pride


Criteria to participate in the Ranking

​Ranking 2014

Ranking 2017 less than  500 employees

Ranking 2016

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Application of the survey

  • ​Desgination of a project leader.
  • Confidentiality agreement signature.
  • Internal communication strategy

Ranking 2017 501 to 3000 employees

Súper Empresas Ranking

​Preparation for the process

Ranking 2017 more than 3000 employees

  • Cultural Adaptation Index score.
  • Employment Relationship Index score.
  • PPPI delivered and documented score.
  • Audit of sent documentation.