Basis for America

Criteria to participate in the Ranking

  • Cultural Adaptation Index score.
  • Employment Relationship Index score.
  • PPPI delivered and documented score.

Application of the survey

Organizations selected in the TOP + America Ranking will get a TOP Companies special award for one year.

​Ve el Ranking 2013 

​Preparation for the process​​​​


Ve el Ranking 2014  

​Ve el Ranking 2011 

​Since 2011 the regional business magazine El Economista publishes the TOP + America Ranking, based on the same measuring tool that TOP Companies uses for the Súper Empresas Ranking, the Places Where Everybody Wants to Work.

​To carry out the process, interested companies can participate by country, as long as they comply with the basis described as follows:

  • ​​Designation of a project leader.
  • Confidentiality agreement signature.
  • Internal communication strategy.
  • List of all the collaborators
  • Sociodemographic changes (optional)
  • Election of application (online, paper, or mixed))
  • Application and end of assessment dates.
  • Delivery of PPPI (Politics, Practices, and Programs)

Ve el Ranking 2012 

TOP + América Ranking

​Ve el Ranking 2015  

Ve el Ranking 2016 

Diffusion of Pride